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Chronic Lyme Disease | An Online Health Community
After 3+ years of getting progressively sicker and sicker, I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. I have no idea when or how I acquired the infection, but it reared it’s ugly head one day and never went away. Although I have numerous health problems and physical injuries related to Lyme disease, I am in a much better spot then I was a few years ago. I am taking prescription medications, supplements, seeing a chiropractor, physical therapist, nurse practitioner, and I am making sure to stretch, exercise, and use the sauna nearly everyday. I did have to drastically change my diet as well. 👉🏼I created this group because I want to spread more awareness about Lyme disease, as it is not commonly thought of as a reason for many health conditions people experience. It is treatable and you do not need to endlessly suffer. I hope we can discuss how to feel better with lifestyle changes, mental health, controversies surrounding Lyme, and overall support each other.
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